Companies Represented

Beacon Fasteners


Fax: (847)541-1789

Thread Forming & Thread Cutting Screws, and Sems

Cable Tie Express

(888) 603-1233
Fax: (800) 395-1233

Cable Ties and Accessories

Cable Express

Fax: (973)485-6464

Nylon Insert Locknuts

Coupling Nut Supply


Fax: (920)-699-8818

Domestic Manufacturer of Coupling Nuts

Crescent Manufacturing


Fax: (860)673-5973

Miniature Screws and Kwik Thred Self Clinching


Crescent Manufacturing
Fall River Manufacturing


Fax: (508)675-8770

Non Ferrous Screw, Bolts and Nuts

Graphic Packaging International

Domestic Manufacturer of Chipboard Boxes for

Packaging Fasteners and Hardware

Graphic Packaging International
Ken Forging


Fax: (440)992-0360

Domestic Manufacturer of Forged Eye Bolts, Turnbuckles, Flanges, Eye Nuts, Rod Ends, Clamps,and Swivel Hoist Rings

Ken Forging
Metric & Multistandard


Fax: (775)355-7255

Metric Fasteners and Accessories

Metric & Multistandard
Rockhard Tools


Fax: (248)446-0900

Domestic Manufacturer of Plastic Tubular and Conical Anchors

Rockhard Tools
Superior Washer & Gasket


Fax: (631)273-8088

Washers and Stampings

Sygma Industries


Fax: (562)906-0958

Cutting Tools, Drill Bits, Tape, and Insert Bits

Sygma Industries
Unicorp Inc.


Fax: (973)674-3803

Electronic Component Fasteners & Hardware

Unicorp Inc.
Western Wire Products


Fax: (800)874-0587

Wire Products and Pins